About Us

ITSCOPE Solutions is a professional services consultancy which helps its clients achieve business outcomes that are underpinned by innovative and effective IT. ITSCOPE Solutions successfully delivers IT projects using best practices, industry and open standards to increase ROIs. ITSCOPE Solutions is a team of very talented and highly qualified consultants with many years of experience in their respective fields and have had a successful career in corporate enterprises before joining ITSCOPE Solutions.

Our clients are looking to achieve an effective and efficient business operation that implements the business strategy and IT solutions. Itscope consulting helps clients to discover, analyse, formulate and define business strategies based upon scientific methodologies. ITSCOPE Solutions supports client to review and adjust existing strategies within the current business environment.

To align with the business strategy, all necessary and sufficient business functions should be recognized and engineered. These functions can to a large extend be mapped to IT systems. ITSCOPE Solutions will find misalignment where functions are superfluous or do not fulfill the business strategy. We then help to eliminate unnecessary functions. ITSCOPE Solutions can also select and design new systems to automate business functions that are missing, are associated with a high operational cost or are impeding the business productivity.

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